Jeenia Muel was founded in the year 2017 as a female brand providing customized dresses to different women on their quests to stand out and empower in their worlds. The founder, Eugenia Appertey, began her fashion journey at a very young age, naturally being drawn to beauty and aesthetics. However, she was mainly motivated to go into it as a full-time profession due to her personal life experiences. Being a very insecure and timid young lady, fashion showed her a way to boost her confidence inside out and attract the social acknowledgment that enabled her to bring change and impact other lives.
Today Jeenia Muel stands uniquely as a women’s fashion brand, with pieces ranging from extraordinary bespoke designs to statement ready to wear pieces. Every piece of Jeenia muel is inspired by African art and culture, which represents strength and confidence.  Every piece sends a message of self-love and radiates fortitude.
Jeenia muel has evolved over the years to stand for more than just quality clothing. It has become a unique culture that represents love, elegance, and boldness. The Jeenia Muel woman cares for herself and her society and makes it a priority to spread that love and impact her surroundings wherever she finds herself.